Colonel Sanders is back, and he's brought some friends
Remember my post last year about KFC's advertising comic from DC featuring the Flash and Green Lantern and the Colonel fighting his evil universe doppelganger Colonel Sunder?

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Annual post. Still not dead

The Meme is Not Valid.
I saw this photo floating around on Facebook. And I have to take issue with it.

First off, the source of the image is Britain First a far right wing group in Britain that's anti immigrant, anti-Islamic, and anti-Catholic. Even if they are all nice enough on Facebook, it's still a bunch of British bigots.

Second, while the image presents Sikhism in a positive light, there is the underlying racist implication. Sikhs are the "good" Middle Eastern people, and it implies Muslims are the "bad' ones.

You know, in the same way America said the Chinese were the "good" Orientals and the Japanese were the "bad" ones?

GotG Theory...
At San Diego this weekend, they released the full credits for the movie.

Nathan Fillion has his cameo credited as "monstrous inmate".

They also state Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik (co creators of Howard the Duck) and their creation are credited.


Nathan is Howard.

Maybe a little more relaxing today.
Got home from work a little earlier than I have been. Admittedly, I had planned all week that I was going to cut out early on Saturday seeing how I'm scheduled seven days straight (my last day off was Tuesday.)

I also picked up a few things at the store before I left. Crayola has started selling a multicultural marker assortment, which I may find use for in some of my art. It's so hard to find a decent variety of skin tone markers, so this is pretty awesome for artists, though not so much in the minds of Fox News.

The other thing I picked up was a can of Flex Seal, that spray on rubber stuff they have been hawking on TV. I have a rather specific use for it, though probably not anything the manufacturer ever considered.

I was going to try and make a Klingon head piece with it.

Last time I did a headpiece, I used some liquid latex I got from a makeup supply company, and just painted it in layers on a clay form, a direct positive casting as it's called. Not film quality by any stretch of the imagination, but quite workable (and got me mentioned in the Dallas Observer). There is another event coming up very quickly, and feels like a Klingon appearance is necessary. The History of Future Folk movie screening/live performance needs Skippy the Klingon.

Since I let this even sneak up on me, I don't have much of the costume ready, so I'm having to improvise, I'm going to try out this spray rubber stuff. The big issue is whether I can get any paint or make up to stick to the rubber once it's cured. I bought the white spray, hoping it might work better for what I have planned.

Summer Amshoff: 5/25/1982 - 6/28/2013
 photo summeramshoff2_zps337e8490.jpg

I'd gotten word through Facebook that she had died last Friday, I don't have any details except the funeral information.

Mostly I knew Summer through her mother, Eva. The two of them had been part of the USS Saggitarius Star Trek club back when it was active, and Eva had worked with my Dad and I out at Scarbourough Faire when we had the Blacksmith Shop. Summer usually was out there, she knew lots of the people out there and was always had some boys hanging on her. She did have a bubbly personality and was always one of those people you wanted to be around.

But honestly, I hadn't spoken to her or her family in years. I can imagine this is a rough time for Eva, and my heart goes out to her and her family.

Kaza's Mate Gwenna Mega Post
It's been quite a while since I posted anything for my comic on LJ. Since I know two people at leats read it via this format I might s well get everything caught up here with the current story: The Danger, the Diamond and the Dowager.

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I have a couple more pages done and ready for coloring, but the I was thinking they are slowing down the story so I'm scraping them in favor of something different.

So it's 2013...
And I'm spending it off work.

Which is the second week I've not been scheduled. Back in November, I lost a week right after Black Friday. Apparently there is some kind of glitch i the system that's kicking me off the roster at the start of the month for some reason (or the boss is forgetting me when he's making the schedule.) The first time I took it as a nice little vacation in the middle of the worst period of the year. This time I'm a bit more concerned, since I'm out of vacation hours at the moment. 

Between this and my increasing dissatisfaction about the job has lead me to come up with an escape plan. I found a company that offers forklift certification, and I'll be making a class reservation for later this week. I should be able to make about the same, if not more, money running a forklift as Target.

Finding my preferred flavor of D&D
The other day at Half-Price, I found a copy of the Player's Manual and Monster Manual for Castles and Crusades, it's an OGL version of Dungeons and Dragons, largely based on First Edition AD&D. I find I'm more tempted to use these rules for a D&D game than my copies of second or third (I'm not even going to bother with fourth.)

The character classes seem a bit more logically organized and a lot less overpowered in some of the other editions. Rangers are actual woodsmen, not just fighter/clerics with some nature background. They separate Paladins and Cavaliers (Knights in this version) once again, with Cavs getting more focus on horse combat. Barbarians are still badass, and most of the classes seem fairly sensible. Fighters did seem to get the short end of the stick, limited pretty much only to their weapon specialization for special abilities. But considering the idea of them being the more average and common. The  one class anyone could literally pick up, I guess it makes some sense.

In general, it just feels right. It's very much how I envision the system should be.

Black Friday
Dark storms roll in from the horizon. I hear the rain beginning to fall, the distant flash of lightning and the far off sound of thunder. It is the soundtrack of dire portents and horrors of the night that lead down into the heart of madness.

Welcome to Black Friday.


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