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Colonel Sanders is back, and he's brought some friends
Remember my post last year about KFC's advertising comic from DC featuring the Flash and Green Lantern and the Colonel fighting his evil universe doppelganger Colonel Sunder?

I'm keeping things short due to the new comic page limit, but I am touching on the important (i.e. Crackiest) parts of this comic.

I'm skipping the early bits with Colonel Sunder and his monologing. Instead we start with the Colonel in one of his restaurants when he unexpectedly faints. He wakes up to this sight.

Yep, it's the Colonel of the gender bent universe and she's more more aware of the problem than he is. It seems somehow the Colonel has his memory of the 11 herbs and spices recipe. Oh No! This has to be the work of Colonel Sunder!

There's only one solution!

Go dig the recipe out of that vault they supposedly keep it in?


Call the Flash and start tearing up the fabric of reality over fried chicken!

So they go to a bunch of different universes, gather up a bunch of alternate Colonels, put the recipe back together and plan their confrontation with Colonel Sunder.

on Earth-30 Treadmill runs you!

They confront Colonel Sunder, but he too has been gathering allies...

Ain't no evil like Monkey Evil!

Punching ensues! And the heroes are naturally victorious!

Overall, I'd say it's not quite as cracktastic as it's predecessor, but still kind of fun.


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