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Maybe a little more relaxing today.
Got home from work a little earlier than I have been. Admittedly, I had planned all week that I was going to cut out early on Saturday seeing how I'm scheduled seven days straight (my last day off was Tuesday.)

I also picked up a few things at the store before I left. Crayola has started selling a multicultural marker assortment, which I may find use for in some of my art. It's so hard to find a decent variety of skin tone markers, so this is pretty awesome for artists, though not so much in the minds of Fox News.

The other thing I picked up was a can of Flex Seal, that spray on rubber stuff they have been hawking on TV. I have a rather specific use for it, though probably not anything the manufacturer ever considered.

I was going to try and make a Klingon head piece with it.

Last time I did a headpiece, I used some liquid latex I got from a makeup supply company, and just painted it in layers on a clay form, a direct positive casting as it's called. Not film quality by any stretch of the imagination, but quite workable (and got me mentioned in the Dallas Observer). There is another event coming up very quickly, and feels like a Klingon appearance is necessary. The History of Future Folk movie screening/live performance needs Skippy the Klingon.

Since I let this even sneak up on me, I don't have much of the costume ready, so I'm having to improvise, I'm going to try out this spray rubber stuff. The big issue is whether I can get any paint or make up to stick to the rubber once it's cured. I bought the white spray, hoping it might work better for what I have planned.


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