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So it's 2013...
And I'm spending it off work.

Which is the second week I've not been scheduled. Back in November, I lost a week right after Black Friday. Apparently there is some kind of glitch i the system that's kicking me off the roster at the start of the month for some reason (or the boss is forgetting me when he's making the schedule.) The first time I took it as a nice little vacation in the middle of the worst period of the year. This time I'm a bit more concerned, since I'm out of vacation hours at the moment. 

Between this and my increasing dissatisfaction about the job has lead me to come up with an escape plan. I found a company that offers forklift certification, and I'll be making a class reservation for later this week. I should be able to make about the same, if not more, money running a forklift as Target.


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