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Finding my preferred flavor of D&D
The other day at Half-Price, I found a copy of the Player's Manual and Monster Manual for Castles and Crusades, it's an OGL version of Dungeons and Dragons, largely based on First Edition AD&D. I find I'm more tempted to use these rules for a D&D game than my copies of second or third (I'm not even going to bother with fourth.)

The character classes seem a bit more logically organized and a lot less overpowered in some of the other editions. Rangers are actual woodsmen, not just fighter/clerics with some nature background. They separate Paladins and Cavaliers (Knights in this version) once again, with Cavs getting more focus on horse combat. Barbarians are still badass, and most of the classes seem fairly sensible. Fighters did seem to get the short end of the stick, limited pretty much only to their weapon specialization for special abilities. But considering the idea of them being the more average and common. The  one class anyone could literally pick up, I guess it makes some sense.

In general, it just feels right. It's very much how I envision the system should be.


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